Redefining Spare Parts Management

The Service Supply Chain is complex. You need solutions and a partner that focuses on the unique challenges your service business experiences.

Optimize Your SPM Today

Leverage industry-leading software and unsurpassed planning expertise to optimize your service supply chain.

Your company will find a knowledgeable partner who is committed to your success in Baxter Planning. By employing our unique Prophet software along with our planning proficiency, we can help you achieve more intelligent stock levels and maintain excellent service while reducing total costs across your service supply chain. It’s the reason we count several Fortune 500 firms among our customers.

Why Inventory Optimization for the Service Supply Chain is Unique

As customers continue to look beyond the product to the service included with it, companies are placing added importance on their service operations . As field operations become more influential to customer retention and more impactful to operational expenditures, the need to optimize the service supply chain is more important than ever.

Logistics Network Optimization

Identify and maintain the ideal logistics network and associated rules to accurately map demand and service contracts to sites based on business objectives.


Forecast demand based on historical data as well as current and projected service contracts to prevent excess creation and/or backlogs.

Inventory Optimization

Calculate target stock levels using Baxter’s unique Total Cost Optimization by modeling part, site, and customer critical attributes to meet supply chain objectives.

Replenishment & Redeployment

Execute replenishment and redeployment orders to balance inventory within the logistics network based on Baxter’s Backlog Criticality Index (BCI) that calculates the real and potential costs of each backlog to optimally deploy inventory.

Supply Order Automation

Fulfill purchase and repair orders to ensure inventory availability while considering calculated scrap rates, supplier performance, and budget constraints.

Lifecycle Management

Plan for the key lifecycle events of New Product Introduction (NPI) to ensure inventory availability at first customer ship and End of Life (EOL) to ensure optimal last time buy decisions.

Excess Management

Define excess report parameters to properly identify excess material that can be utilized, sold, or scrapped to achieve inventory goals.


Improve operations with ongoing review of Hit Rate and KPIs such as fill rate and service level to prioritize corrective actions and continuously identify opportunities for improvement.

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“Baxter Planning provides us with
exactly what we need, without being
too complex.”

-Global Services Logistics Director
(Seattle, WA)

“Baxter is a critical supplier for us and
has been a great partner.”

-Senior Logistics Manager
(San Jose, CA)

“Baxter Planning is a real game
changer on the way to plan spare part
by connecting the install base to the
supply chain.”

-Stocking Plan Leader
(Grenoble, France)

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