Partnering Every Step Of The Way.

Baxter offers a range of services to complement our Prophet software and ensure that our customers achieve optimal success throughout their service lifecycle management. With over 20 years of expertise in transforming the service supply chain, Baxter is committed to helping each customer meet or exceed their unique inventory planning goals – from implementation throughout the production lifecycle.

Our Best Practice Scorecard is a specific example of our commitment to help customers optimize and automate their service supply chain. Leveraging decades of experience, we’re able to design, identify and measure 30 critical best practice categories during a review of each client’s business. The results from this analysis are used to determine and recommend specific opportunities for improvement. Beyond this initial assessment, ongoing business reviews are designed to monitor the adoption of these recommendations.

Every software implementation is conducted by in-house experts using a phased approach with proven methodology. Baxter provides the fastest time-to-market by employing best practices acquired from extensive experience deploying the Prophet software solution to our customers. The implementation phase is followed by a mentoring period that provides in-depth user training detailing the dynamic functionality of the solution.

Available to all customers, our service desk provides access to Supply Chain Planners who can answer your Prophet questions. These planners are in-house experts with extensive service SCM backgrounds who also deliver our Planning as a Service offering. Our support services include active monitoring of processes, managed deployment of new releases and maintenance of your specific Prophet configuration.

Our professional inventory planning services are delivered by experienced specialists who serve as an extension to your planning organization. Your designated planner manages activities such as forecasting demand, setting target stock levels and generating purchase/replenishment orders to meet your business objectives.

Baxter’s consulting opportunities are standardized offerings designed to address key supply chain planning system challenges. All consulting engagements include a comprehensive service supply chain assessment, an actionable recommendation and measurable results.