Baxter Planning Acquires Business Unit from Entercoms and Extends Predictive Service Supply Chain Offerings

Combination enables services businesses to improve customer experience, increase resilience, and accelerate revenue growth.
Austin, TX — November 2, 2021 — Baxter Planning, a pioneer and recognized leader in service supply chain parts planning, optimization, and execution software solutions, today announced the acquisition of Entercoms’ Supply Chain Technology business unit.

Entercoms is a leader in transforming service supply chains by improving visibility and predictive insights. Founded in 2008, Entercoms has deep domain experience and offers patented technology, with clients including some of the largest and most complex global supply chains. As a result of this acquisition, Baxter Planning will greatly expand its team of world-class service supply chain experts.

“Entercoms focuses on improving service supply chain resilience by generating data-driven predictive insights. These insights provide real-time part delivery status and alerts to predict problems with enough time to respond and still meet high-availability customer Service Level Agreements (SLA),” said Chuck Moeling, CEO of Baxter Planning. “The combined business can now help clients optimize their supply networks to improve responsiveness and SLA performance. We also can help clients better understand opportunities to grow within their installed base. This is an exciting step towards our long-term vision of helping customers achieve a more predictive and resilient service supply chain.”

“We bring a powerful combination of domain expertise and analytics to help our customers choose the optimal path to business outcomes from their service supply chains,“ said Rahul Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Entercoms. “In my new role as Chief Innovation Officer at Baxter Planning, I look forward to working closely with our customers to develop new predictive capabilities that enable greater resilience, responsiveness, and growth in their business.”

Baxter Planning is also announcing a new Service Supply Chain Transformation service for its customers. This new offering builds on the existing best practice-driven Planning as a Service (PaaS) offering from Baxter and the extensive strategic advisory expertise and technology of the combined companies. With a combination of software and advisory products, Baxter can now help customers grow their services business, optimize their service networks, design best-in-class processes, and advance digital transformation. The Service Supply Chain Transformation team will be led by Lance Johnson, who will continue as Chief Supply Chain Officer. Lance and his team bring years of experience helping build and transform many of the world’s most successful service supply chains.

Entercoms solves one of the most significant challenges to improving the service customer experience and building greater resilience: access to high quality data in real-time. Whether it be data about the installed base of customers, IoT sensor data, real-time status updates of parts shipments, accurate root cause of part shortages, or SLA performance, accessing high quality data is a key challenge in our industry. Entercoms’ solutions integrate across a wide array of disparate systems, providing actionable insights through machine learning and natural language processing.

Once a services business has access to high quality data, the insights that Entercoms’ machine learning models deliver can drive revolutionary outcomes. These insights help services businesses best position inventory locations to optimize cost-to-serve for clients. They also help predict SLA risk and mitigation approaches, and can indicate the best opportunities to sell high-availability service contracts within the installed base. These insights are now a vital part of Baxter’s product strategy.

About Baxter Planning
Founded in 1993, Baxter Planning was built expressly for the service supply chain. Their software is developed based on proven best practices, industry expertise, and a partnership with customers to automate inventory planning. Their Total Cost Optimization methodology replaces spreadsheets and manual processes to deliver the best service level at the lowest possible cost. As a worldwide leader in Service Supply Chain software, Baxter Planning helps customers plan billions in service parts inventory every day. For more information, visit

About Entercoms
Based in Irving, Texas, Entercoms is a leading provider of solutions for aftermarket and service driven supply chains. Serving customers in industries such as technology, industrial, oil and gas, mobility, point-of-sale, and manufacturing, Entercoms helps its customers support their end customers by optimizing their service supply chains and driving high asset availability and uptime. Entercoms provides solutions such as Process Control Towers and Customer 360 for visibility and action-ready insights, and modular applications for process automation, execution, and planning. Entercoms has offices in Texas (Irving), India (Pune), and Spain (Barcelona). Terms of the acquisition by Baxter Planning were not disclosed.

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