A Company With A Plan

Baxter Planning provides service inventory planning and optimization solutions that support service supply chain requirements across diverse industries. Baxter’s innovative solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure to forecast demand and optimize target stock levels so your company can more efficiently execute supply, replenishment and repair orders. Our goal is to provide a balanced solution that:

Reduces inventory, transportation, and warehouse costs

Improves service level and fill rate

Increases productivity for planners, buyers,
and technicians

Early Beginnings

Baxter Planning was founded in 1993 by Greg Baxter, a veteran service parts planner at Texas Instruments. Convinced there was a better method than “blood, sweat, and spreadsheets”, Greg taught himself to code and developed a proprietary solution to address the lack of planning technologies in the market. Fast-forward 25+ years, and that entrepreneurial vision has materialized into one of the largest service parts planning technology companies in the world. With sophisticated SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Planning as a Service) solutions, our technologies and professionals help customers with billions in spare parts inventory management every day.

Comprehensive Solutions

Baxter delivers a unique combination of robust optimization technologies, proven technician inventory planning processes and deep service parts management expertise to address the demands of sophisticated service supply chain planners. Our software, Prophet by Baxter, provides a suite of integrated spare parts forecasting and planning applications that enable our clients to achieve industry-leading customer service levels while controlling field service inventory and increasing profitability. Our Planning as a Service solution enables our customers’ planners to focus on the strategic aspects of their service parts supply chain by relying on Baxter’s planning experts to tactically manage the day-to-day operation of our Prophet software.

Industry Expertise

Baxter’s innovative and collaborative approach to service parts planning is employed across a wide range of industries – from Global 2000 supply chain firms facing diverse international issues to high growth technology companies addressing service challenges. Our seasoned professionals partner with our customers, joining a consultative, continuous improvement mindset with “decades-deep” service parts management expertise. We take great pride in feedback from our customers, especially when it illustrates how we worked with them to address their supply chain challenges beyond the results we helped them achieve.

Invitation to Connect

If you’re looking to address a service parts management challenge or simply interested in learning more, we’d love to talk with you. We’ll be happy to share how Global 2000 enterprises and growing startups like NetApp, Nutanix, Ciena, and Tokyo Electron rely on Baxter for service supply chain level improvements at reduced inventory costs. Please contact us at info@baxterplanning.com or call us directly at +1 (512) 323-5959. For those interested in joining a fast growing SaaS technology company with a great culture that is focused on delivering powerful results for impressive customers, contact us on LinkedIn.

Polaris Partners

Baxter is a portfolio company of Polaris Partners, an investment firm with $4.3B+ of assets under management and deep expertise partnering with founders to scale their businesses. Polaris’ investment provides the strategic fuel for Baxter’s continuing transformation of service supply chain management worldwide. Learn more about Polaris at www.polarispartners.com.