What We Stand for and How We Live It Together

Our values guide us in every interaction.


  • We are defined by the relentless pursuit of customer, partner and team success.
  • We refuse to accept mediocrity.
  • The importance of our work and our sense of urgency drive everything we do.


  • We take calculated risks; we innovate; we experiment.
  • We think straight; we talk straight; we speak our truth.
  • We strive for success; we do not fear failure.

Creative Discontent

  • There’s a better way to do it; find it.
  • We reject complacency.
  • We challenge the status quo.

Intellectual Curiosity

  • What we don’t know, we find out.
  • We ask why, why not, and what could be.
  • We challenge our thinking in pursuit of data-driven solutions.


  • We have the highest expectations of ourselves and each other.
  • We are deeply accountable to our teammates, customers, partners and communities across the world.
  • We only win together.