Simplify, Automate, and Optimize Your Service Parts

Our BaxterProphet software uses a proprietary, Total Cost Optimization approach for Service Parts Planning. This allows you to forecast demand, optimize target stock levels, and integrate with other systems. Your team is thusly enabled to execute supply, replenishment, and repair orders for each part across your entire Service Supply Chain.

With BaxterProphet you can:

  • Minimize inventory and transportation costs while achieving optimal service levels
  • Model cost and service performance trade offs
  • Free up working capital locked in excess inventory
  • Improve inventory planner productivity

The Difference

Why Choose BaxterProphet?

Best-of-Breed Inventory Planning

Don’t settle for outdated manual processes or software that does not meet your needs.

BaxterProphet provides functional depth only available in a best-of-breed solution that focuses on inventory planning. Our system is used to plan inventory in 115+ countries for millions of service contract units.

Benefit from Our Planning Expertise

Our support organization is composed of actual planners who are also BaxterProphet users. Our planners have first-hand experience leveraging our technology and can provide unique advice on optimizing your outcomes.

In addition to our training and mentoring, every customer is provided with a regular best practices assessment and review where we identify specific opportunities for better results including fill rate improvement and inventory cost reduction.

Implement BaxterProphet Without Disrupting Your Business

BaxterProphet implementations are designed to be completed quickly and professionally, all centered around your unique business environment.

Supplement Your Team with an Expert Planner

Planning as a Service (PaaS)

Most of the discussion around inventory planning is centered on the tools used to balance inventory and service levels, but the skills and expertise to manage this function are also critical.

Finding and keeping enough qualified staff to plan and forecast supply chain requirements is a challenge for organizations of all sizes.

Baxter Planning understands these organizational challenges and disparities. Working with clients of every size, Baxter offers a range of services, from traditional Software as a Service (SaaS), where your staff controls the planning process, to Planning as a Service, where in-house Baxter experts perform planning activities on your behalf.

Added expertise allows you to overcome key challenges:
  • The service organization is pulled in many directions and lacks the time and focus required for parts planning.
  • Individuals with the required experience and analytics skills are difficult to recruit, train, and retain.
  • Changes in service expectations, products, installed base, logistics networks, and planning solutions can disrupt business processes and results.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“Baxter Planning is a real gamechanger on the way to plan spare part by connecting the install base to the supply chain.”

Stocking Plan Leader (Grenoble, France)

“Baxter Planning is a fundamental requirement for the service repair business with wonderful structure and design.”

Strategic Supply Chain Lead (Santa Clara, CA)

“Baxter Planning provides us with exactly what we need, without being too complex.”

Global Services Logistics Director (Seattle, WA)

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