Seamless process execution across your Service Supply Chain

LynX™ by Baxter Planning is a real-time workflow management command center that provides every player in the network with the visibility, automation, insights, and the control they need to drive truly connected supply chains across every workflow and every transaction.

Increase resilience and deliver better customer experiences

With LynX by Baxter Planning you can:

• Gain real-time visibility and control over all transactions and part movement across process workflows
• Receive predictive alerts before a problem occurs, so you can take corrective action and eliminate the causes for escalation or costly penalties
• Integrate, synchronize, and automate transactional data flows across internal and partner systems to ensure consistent records throughout
• Ensure data quality, process compliance, and execution efficiency

60% improvement to planning and operations team productivity

25% reduction to customer escalations

40% reduction to expedited freight

Up to 75% automated order processing

“LynX has transformed my operation completely. We have moved to being a predictive Service Supply Chain – taking actions before they impact us negatively! Customer service has improved, and all of this while reducing cost”

– Senior Manager, Global Service Supply Chain

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