908, 2023

Driving Your Digital Transformation With Data: Part One

These days we expect information to materialize at our fingertips, and it usually does. From Google to ChatGPT, nuanced answers are just a few keystrokes away. Accurate answers? That’s another story. Google results are only as solid as the content that already exists online, and ChatGPT’s uncanny outputs draw upon pre-existing material.

808, 2023

Why Service Supply Chains Should Ditch Their ERP Solutions for Aftermarket Planning

If you work in Service Parts Management, you and your industry are special. No, really. Just try to run your day-to-day operations on a standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and you’ll see why you’re the underdog of the manufacturing world.

2307, 2023

Finally, The Bridge Between Planning and Execution

While each industry has its unique challenges when it comes to planning service parts, there are a common set of questions that always seem to pop up during discovery sessions, solution demonstrations, and solution overviews. They typically center around suppliers, distribution or warehouse operations, and logistics

1707, 2023

Getting in Front of Backorders

Everyone has experienced the effects of supply chain disruption these last few years, from scanty supermarket shelves to strangely expensive construction materials. But if you live in the Service Supply Chain world, you also know it does not take a pandemic to yield empty shelves.

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