Service Supply Chain Software Solutions for Every Industry.

Baxter Planning is deployed globally in diverse industries ranging from High Tech to Industrial Equipment. Although our customers operate in distinct markets, one thing they have in common is a commitment to uptime and part availability for the mission critical solutions they deliver. Over the last 25 years, we have been committed to relentlessly innovating on capabilities that enable service supply chains to hit the most aggressive service level agreements. Contact Us to learn how we can leverage our expertise to optimize inventory and deliver increased part availability for your customers and field service technicians.

High Tech

In the high tech industry, having the right part, at the right place, at the right time, for the right cost is critical for first time fixes and immediate part availability. In a world where 99.9% vs 99.999% up-time is a material difference, spare parts planning becomes a huge leverage point. Baxter Planning’s solution allows our customers to simultaneously increase their service level and up-time while lowering overall inventory levels and transportation costs.


Telecom companies, regardless of if they are servicing internet equipment at consumer homes, phone equipment at business locations, or towers in rural locations, need to have inventory ready for installations, upgrades, planned maintenance, and unplanned maintenance. Baxter Planning’s solutions can ensure the right inventory is in the right place at the right cost across your entire network, increasing service level while reducing inventory costs.

Document Management

The document management industry relies heavily click-based support models. The loss of income due to machine downtime is a shared risk and must be avoided at all costs. Baxter’s proprietary TCO (Total Cost Optimization) is uniquely capable of modelling these downtime costs and balance against the cost of inventory to achieve field service optimization of your total investment and minimize equipment downtime.

Medical Equipment

Whether you’re forecasting inventory for molecular diagnostics or adhering to strict regulatory requirements, every medical equipment provider must consider a variety of factors when planning their service parts supply chain. Machine uptime not only affects OEM profitability but impacts quality of service, and Baxter Planning’s parts inventory software enables medical equipment providers to deliver critical parts for critical care.

Orthopedic Devices

Orthopedic implant providers are forced to keep excess inventory at every level of their network in order to ensure coverage for surgical procedures. Whether a company is manufacturing or distributing implants, using kits, loose components, or disposables, Baxter Planning’s TCO (Total Cost Optimization) approach will allow you to set optimal inventory levels and reduce supply chain costs, while maintaining the highest procedure coverage possible.


The measurement and detection industry encompasses airport security equipment, laser/imaging technology, electronic test equipment, and much more. OEM’s developing this innovative technology are continually challenged to react to shorter SLAs and have spare parts more readily available. As these OEM’s grow their installed base, Baxter’s service parts inventory software allows these clients to set target stock levels at each echelon of their service supply chain proactively rather than reactively.

Industrial Equipment

Every Industrial Equipment manufacturer – from food service to construction – separates itself from competition not only within its core product, but also in the service it delivers its customers. With competition shifting from product towards service, parts availability and cost control become ever more crucial.

Oil and Gas

The aftermarket supply chains within the upstream, midstream, and downstream verticals of the oil and gas market are fluid. At a minimum, the cost of down equipment can be thousands of dollars in penalties, reduced of production, and potential loss of future business. Baxter Planning’s proprietary inventory forecasting software allows oil and gas clients to optimize their inventory investment while reducing stockouts and backorders that result in delayed repair and maintenance.

Energy and Utilities

In the energy and utilities industry, having the appropriate parts available in the field is critical both to the reputation of the business and the satisfaction of the consumer. Whether you’re generating, distributing, or transmitting energy, Baxter Planning optimizes your inventory investment to maintain high part availability for both preventative maintenance procedures as well as outages to keep the grid thriving.

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense companies are facing a multitude of evolving challenges every day. Operators expect high-quality service without mission-critical interruptions. Balancing this with MRO efficiency is an ongoing challenge but Baxter Planning’s unique TCO (Total Cost Optimization) approach to forecasting inventory allows our clients to optimize TAT (Turn Around Times) and minimize downtime in support of uptime-based or PBL-type contracts.


Service parts planning is critical in all areas of the automotive industry whether you are rental company with service centers or a manufacturer with a network of dealers. Inaccurate parts forecasting for vehicle service can result in lower customer satisfaction, longer vehicle off road (VOR) time, and lost sales. Baxter’s service parts inventory software understands the complexity of this industry and is able to comprehend fleet mix as well as part interchangeability from ongoing engineering revisions to help keep your vehicles on the road.

Rail and Shipping

In the rail and shipping industry, long lifecycles and high levels of customization are just two elements impacting service performance and efficiency. The need for flexibility when planning mobile assets places pressure on predictability and requires increased uptime. Having the right part, at the right place, at the right time, for the right cost is critical and requires careful proper service lifecycle management to accommodate long, variable procurement and repair lead times common in this industry.


In the construction and mining industry, machine downtime puts your customers behind their projects, costing them money and potentially future business.  With an ever changing assortment of equipment out in the field, it’s next to impossible to keep fill rate high across the board.  Baxter Planning’s spare parts planning solution allows our customers to plan their parts across a vast network to achieve a high fill rate without resorting to overstocking inventory.

Critical Infrastructure

OEMs of HVAC, critical power, and security systems are under constant pressure from customers who rely on the equipment to run their businesses.  As their customers grow their global presence, they expect the same level of service in every region.  Leveraging Baxter Planning’s parts inventory software to optimize your global parts network is essential to eliminating customer downtime and churn.


High uptime of in-store technology is critical to retail businesses. Technology downtime within a store means lost income and customers, and a potential PCI security risk.  Whether you are a retailer or a service provider for the retail industry, Baxter Planning’s service parts inventory software will allow your business to provide and maintain the highest potential uptime. Our unique TCO (Total Cost Optimization) approach to forecasting inventory allows our clients to optimize their first time fix rate and technician productivity in support of uptime-based contracts.

Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers and third-party maintenance providers must be both proactive in preventing failures, and reactive in fixing them when they occur. Customers evaluating MSPs are looking for an efficient way to eliminate downtime, have access to expert technicians, and avoid issues related to cost and quality of service. Baxter Planning’s inventory optimization software enables MSPs to provide the highest possible uptime without the need for heroic and expensive efforts to service their customers.