Success Stories

Read our success stories and learn how some of our clients achieved powerful results with their inventory planning using Prophet Software and Planning as a Service.

Medical Device Success Story – Carestream Health needed more efficient processes and service parts planning expertise to meet both practitioner and patient expectations. Read how Baxter and UPS helped Carestream get there.  Click here to download.

Food Equipment Success Story – DSL needed a better solution for planning complex inventory needs inside the limited space of a technician’s service van. Read how Baxter helped them implement steps to streamline their service supply chain and improve customer service. Click here to download.

Enterprise IT Service Provider – Maintech needed to reduce part expedites during a period of significant growth. Read how Baxter helped them with inventory optimization in the service supply chain. Click here to download.

Medical Equipment Provider

Medical Equipment Provider Success Story – Learn how a leading provider of dental and medical imaging systems partners with Baxter. We helped them deliver quality products that provide critical tools for increasing practitioner productivity while enabling the delivery of better patient care. Click here to download.

MDC Vacuum Success Story – MDC Vacuum implemented Prophet by Baxter to automate and streamline processes paired with Planning as a Service to leverage supply chain expertise. In just 18 months since going live with Prophet, MDC has seen a 26% reduction in inventory while maintaining a 95%+ service level. Click here to download.

Telecom Success Story – Nokia (formerly Alcatel-Lucent), a global telecommunications equipment company, wanted to increase customer satisfaction levels while decreasing inventory. Read how Baxter helped them make this possible. Click here to download.

Datacenter Infrastructure Case Study – Nutanix needed help to keep up with their rapid growth. Read how Baxter’s solutions have helped to quickly scale and optimize Nutanix’s service supply chain. Click here to download.

Networking Security Company Success Story – Palo Alto Networks decreased inventory dollars per contract by 50% and increased service levels to 99%+ while install base grew by 500% as a result of Prophet’s optimization algorithm paired with Baxter’s best practice planning expertise. As recognition of a successful ongoing relationship, Palo Alto Networks presented Baxter Planning with the 2018 “Excellence in Supply Chain Software Solutions” at the Palo Alto Networks’ annual Operations Vendor Appreciation event in San Jose, California. Click here to download.

Networking Equipment Provider Success Story – Pulse Secure’s recent spin-off from their parent company required a supply chain transformation and evaluation of a new logistics provider. Learn how they leveraged Baxter’s Network Optimization Consulting and our Planning as a Service offering to achieve service supply chain excellence. Click here to download.

Industrial Tool Manufacturer – Stanley Black & Decker (SBD) is a Fortune 500 manufacturer of industrial tools, accessories, hardware and home improvement products. Read how SBD was able to reduce inventory costs by an average of 8% across 15 regional distribution centers and improve execution to plan by an average of 6% across 4 regions. Click here to download.

Telecom Success Story  This leading telecom customer needed to reduce excess inventory while maintaining high service levels. Read how Baxter’s software and Baxter Best Practice Consulting helped them to achieve their goals. Click here to download.

Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer Success Story – Tokyo Electron worked with Baxter Planning on a six-month consulting engagement to complete projects in four of Baxter’s eight key practice areas. The projected resulted in consistent planning execution across six global regions spanning the US, Europe and Asia as well as a 22% reduction in target stock level cost while maintaining required service levels. Click here to download.