Simplify the Resolution Process


Customer escalations can be a huge drain on resources and time.

BaxterSnapshot™ takes customer escalation management out of your email inbox by providing a one-stop shop to research, act, and respond to customer escalations in a timely and efficient manner. A standardized, unified workflow, an integrated case management platform, and a consolidated escalation backlog help create transparency throughout the organization and empower your teams to provide better customer service.

Companies that respond within 6 minutes generate 10X more future revenue from those customers vs. those responding within 60 minutes.*

With BaxterSnapshot, you can:

  • Go from days to minutes: Reduce the time it takes to research and resolve escalations
  • Organize and optimize the escalation backlog and eliminate duplication of efforts
  • Protect your Net Promoter Score (NPS) by reducing the negative impact of escalations
  • Identify emerging escalation trends and prevent escalation recurrence across the network
  • Consolidate and streamline communication with coordination in the escalation resolution process

Resolving customer issues quickly is crucial to any successful business

Resolving customer issues quickly is crucial to any successful business

Reduce research and response time by 70%

Reduce escalations through predictive insight using AI/ML

Expanded coverage for backorder management

Customer satisfaction increase of 5% – 8%


BaxterSnapshot has greatly reduced the number of escalations I receive. By streamlining our escalation response and resolution process, our customer satisfaction has increased, and our team has more time to work on other critical priorities.

- VP Service Supply Chain, Fortune 500 Technology Company

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