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Our subject matter experts have vast experience and knowledge from working in the Service Supply Chain. Their expertise is paramount for the development of our products and in consulting with our customers, but we also like creating free resources for all Service Supply Chain professionals and students studying supply chain.

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Our subject matter experts, Mike & John, host a podcast to chat about all things related to the Service Supply Chain


Service Parts Management Technology Checklist

Service Parts Management Technology Checklist

Current challenges impacting the Service Supply Chain will not be solved by maintaining the status quo. Use this checklist to assess technology required to support a digital transformation of your service delivery.

Five Reasons to Invest in Service Parts Management Software

Your customers expect instant results and top-notch service. The most seasoned folks in your industry are retiring, and, your service organization is expected to turn a profit amidst rising material costs, interest rates, and inflation. On top of all this pressure, the Service Supply Chain is now seen as a profit leader.

Preventing Stockouts With Improved Forecasting

Preventing Stockouts With Improved Forecasting

A forward-looking forecast benefits service organizations, including reducing the number of stockouts that occur. Discover the important role having a complete forecast has in ensuring the right part gets to the right place at the right time.

Installed Base Planning Whitepaper

Utilization of Installed Base Planning for Service Parts Planning Optimization

Learn how Installed Base Planning can help you optimize spare inventory management.  This is achieved by improving forecasts and generating more intelligent target stock levels in low- and no-demand environments common to services parts planning operations.

Service Parts Planning Whitepaper

Service Parts Planning (Execution, Optimization, and Automation)

Most people would agree that the lack of synchronization between Service Parts Planning and Service Execution has a negative impact on customer service and overall company profitability.  The following whitepaper addresses this common pitfall faced by many companies.

Evaluation Criteria

How do you select a proper tool that enhances your service supply chain capabilities to keep service levels high while keeping costs low? This document will guide you through the recommended criteria for evaluating best-of-breed planning tools designed specifically for service supply chain management.

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