503, 2021

Service Supply Chain 101

Our subject matter experts often get asked to speak as guest lecturers at universities to share their knowledge about the service supply chain. We thought it might be good to offer a Service Supply Chain 101 here on our blog for students and those new to this, the “other supply chain.”

2402, 2021

Prophet Planning Analytics

Historically, Prophet's legacy reporting did a great job providing users with large exports of detailed data. Users had access to all of the details they needed to create their own pivot tables, charts and graphs to analyze data outside of Prophet.

2701, 2021

Total Cost Optimization Part 3: Balancing All Operational Costs for a Cost Optimized Stocking Plan

In this final part of our exploration of total cost optimization, we bring these operational and inventory costs together to show that service level is better viewed as an output of an optimization rather than as a goal, as the right service level minimizes the combination of these costs.

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