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Baxter’s software suite provides functional depth only available in a best-of-breed solution focused on field service inventory planning. Our system is used to plan inventory across 115 countries for over 68 million service contract units.

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Our subject matter experts, Mike & John, host a podcast to chat about all things related

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Baxter Planning Overview Solution Brief

Our subject matter experts, Mike & John,
host a podcast to chat about all things related

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Prophet by Baxter is a 100% web-based software suite focused
on field service inventory planning and execution.

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Planning as a Service

Augment your supply chain team with expertise from Baxter to maximize the benefits of your spare parts planning solution.

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Insight by Baxter is an inventory optimization service that provides you with a one-time analysis identifying opportunities to reduce costs, improve service levels and plan for changes in your service supply chain.

Service Solution Briefs

Field Service Inventory Planning

Baxter combines industry-leading cost-optimization tools with unique technician inventory planning features to create the most specialized, successful solutions available.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our in-depth review of each Best Practice Scorecard attribute is used to quantify potential benefits and prioritize the improvement opportunities most critical to your business.

Logistics Network Optimization

Identify and maintain the ideal logistics network and associated rules to accurately map demand and service contracts to sites based on business objectives.


Forecast demand based on historical data as well as current and projected service contracts to prevent excess creation and/or backlogs.

Inventory Optimization

Calculate target stock levels using Baxter’s unique Total Cost Optimization by modeling part, site and customer critical attributes to meet service supply chain objectives.

Supply Order Automation

Fulfill purchase and repair orders to ensure inventory availability while considering calculated scrap rates, supplier performance, and budget constrain

Demand Source Locator (DSL)

Our Demand Source Locator allows you to intelligently select parts and align service execution with inventory planning solutions.

Lifecycle Management

Plan for the key lifecycle events of New Product Introduction (NPI) to ensure inventory availability at first customer ship and End of Life (EOL) to ensure optimal last time buy decisions.

Excess Management

Define Baxter’s excess report to properly identify surplus material that can be utilized, sold, or scrapped to achieve service inventory planning goals.

Planning Analytics

Improve operations with ongoing review of Hit Rate and KPIs such as fill rate and service level to prioritize corrective actions and continuously identify opportunities for improvement.


Installed Base Planning Whitepaper

Utilization of Installed Base Planning for Service Parts Planning Optimization

Learn how Installed Base Planning can help you optimize spare inventory management.  This is achieved by improving forecasts and generating more intelligent target stock levels in low- and no-demand environments common to services parts planning operations.

Service Parts Planning Whitepaper

Service Parts Planning (Execution, Optimization, and Automation)

Most people would agree that the lack of synchronization between Service Parts Planning and Service Execution has a negative impact on customer service and overall company profitability.  The following whitepaper addresses this common pitfall faced by many companies.

Evaluation Criteria

How do you select a proper tool that enhances your service supply chain capabilities to keep service levels high while keeping costs low? This document will guide you through the recommended criteria for evaluating best-of-breed planning tools designed specifically for service supply chain management.

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